Sunday, November 4, 2007

Do You Have a Dog?

We are sitting in the shoppe. Susan and Kathy are working on their projects and I see a project lying on the table next to Kathy. I pick it up and ask Kathy if she has a dog. As I ask, I hold up her wooden needles. See the needle on the right? The picture does not do it justice - the end is a bit scratchy and not smooth. This poor mitten was jinxed from the start. I should have told Kathy that black is hard to knit, you can't see it very well. Would she have listened? So, she bought the yarn and the needles and sat down and started to get ready to knit. She reached into the inside of the skein and pulled, and pulled, and pulled, and pulled. Didn't get a picture of that. But, there was a lot of yarn coming from the inside, with no end in sight. We had to wind it into a ball. On the bright side, Kathy has just finished her Baby Surprise Jacket. When she has sewn the buttons on and blocked it, she will let us post a picture.

We also have a Moebius class going on in the back room of the shoppe. Melody is teaching them how to do an I-cord.

It is misting outside, so today is a good day to stay inside and knit with good company.