Tuesday, November 6, 2007


This early morning I woke up and we had no power. I decided that I am going to keep a diary of when we lose power. We lived in AK for almost 15 years and in the 11 years we have lived in Leelanau County we have lost power many times over what we ever lost up there. Anyway, we were out of power, again. So I got up, made sure all of the windows and doors were securely closed as it was blowing and howling outside and the house would become pretty cold. I went back to bed and snuggled down into the covers. Woke up at 7 AM and called Consumers Energy to let them know we were out of power as I could see that the houses across Lake Leelanau had power. We seem to be the hole in a doughnut area regarding loss of power. I put together a bag so I could wash up at the PA office, where I was scheduled to work, took the garbage out, and as I was coming back into the house, the power flicked back on at 8 AM. That was good. I hopped into the shower, my husband made me sandwiches for breakfast and I was at work by 8:20 AM.

So the point of all of this? Later this morning at work I found out two county employees were stuck in a car this morning for several hours, with live wires on their car. So while I am fussing and groaning about a cold house and no running water, two of my friends were sitting inside a car, wondering if they were going to become crispy critters. Changes your perspective a bit, doesn’t it?

Still doesn’t mean I am not going to keep that diary.