Sunday, March 7, 2010

My first day of my vacation

I am taking a vacation. I am not going anyplace special. Just taking time off of the fun job and the paying job. This is my first vacation in at least three years. I can't remember when I last took time off to just have time off.

Here I am at the Leland harbor.

I am wearing a new ruana that I purchased from Molly's. My husband calls it a tablecloth.

I am having milk and my daughter's freshly made chocolate chip cookies for lunch.

They are pretty good, but she refuses to put walnuts in them, which would make them close to perfect.

Later on, I have a choice of Coca Cola or wine. They are waiting for me in my winter refrigerator.

And at night, we watched Anne of Green Gables, the Sequel.

Pretty good start for a vacation.

Hatting on

I frogged it and started knitting. Here is where I am, several days later.

Since I cast on a different amount of stitches, I had to play with the moose part. I will admit that it took me at least one hour of knitting and frogging to get it right and now I am moving on.

By the way, the original pattern's antlers were more reindeer than moose, but I found another chart that did moose antlers, so I am using that chart instead.