Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hats on to You

Yesterday we turned over 36 hats to our wonderful plow drivers here in Leelanau County.

Pictures of the various hats that were made by you folks.

Tags were added that gave washing instructions (to prevent felting).

The other side of the tag says "Thanks for keeping our roads clear!!!! Knitted for you by Leelanau County area residents" Thanks to Amy for that idea.

Channel 4 TV
came out and recorded a nice segment for us.

Brown Sheep donated the Lamb's Pride and the Double Ewe Yarn Shop in MN graciously allowed us to use their pattern.

The last hat was dropped off today, so now we have 37.

This is Herb Cradduck, the Superintendent, wearing one of the hats. We also added the NW Bank buttons that say "I Can Do That."

Thanks, guys.