Friday, December 21, 2007

It's Been a Busy, Crazy Week

It has been busy in my life this week. I am sure that it has everything to do with it being the week before Christmas. My two daughters came home from MSU and I have been spending time with them. Along with working both of my jobs. The camera is kept at the shoppe, otherwise I could show you pictures of the dining room with its bags, bags, and bags. None of it has found its way up to their rooms. Much easier to keep them downstairs, where we can all walk around them. But it has been great to have my daughters home and they will be gone a week from now and then I will have my dining room back.

In the meantime, people are knitting. Here are some pictures. This is Delores. She has a turtle. It started out as a hat, but she was enjoying her knitting too much to slow down and decrease, so she just kept going. We suggested that she turn her oversized , not decreased, hat into a turtle (that is what I call it). Delores liked that idea and she is showing it off.

This is Marie with her crocheted christening dress. Isn't it wonderful?

Rosalie made this Baby Surprise Jacket out of Buttons yarn. Rosalie has made several of these jackets after taking our class.

Melody made this Fiber Trends felted hat out of Lambs Pride wool. It is sitting on my shawl of La Gran mohair and Elegant Aurora.
Here is Susan's poinsetta crocheted granny square afghan. Again made out of Lamb's Pride.

Dorte's scarf out of Elegant Aurora. Dorte is on her way to Denmark for the holidays, where she was born and raised.

I hope your week was productive.