Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Demarie's fault

Demarie came in on Saturday with this pattern in her hands. (you have to be a member of Ravelry to go to the pattern.) I helped her pick out the yarn (Pastaza) and she left. But - she got me thinking. I pulled up Ravelry and started to look at the pattern and what others had knitted with it. And I was hooked.

This is a picture of the Ralph Lauren Olympic Hat for the opening ceremonies.

I picked out St. Denis, loved the colors and Jill had raved about the yarn, and started knitting when I got home Saturday night.

Now - what I did not need was another project. I was happily knitting MY Elizabeth Zimmermann Weekend Sweater

(although the dye keeps staining my hands, but that is another post), plus I am also knitting Carol's Clever Little Shawl out of the Brown Sheep Handpaint Original.

And then there are the other trillion UFO's I have tucked away here and there.

But, this hat kept picking at me, so I picked out the yarn and started it. (I am using the St Denis book hat pattern for cast on and other information.)

Monday morning I looked at what I had knitted and this is what I saw.

Look closer.

Twisted knitting. Not what I wanted. So, I will tear out 2.5" of knitting 140 sts per row and restart.

I swear that I checked and my stitches were not twisted. Honest.