Sunday, December 2, 2007

Busy at the shoppe

It has been busy at the shoppe this week. On Friday, Susan brought in this vest. It is from the Simply Shetland 2 book.
Kathy is modeling the back for us.

Susan also made up this hat for us in a gorgeous blue color from ShiBui Knits Highland Wool Alpaca.

Yesterday, Melody went to an open house given by Pat McKean. She sent her over to us and here is part of what we bought. Her pins and shawl pins are on the left of the shadow box. On the right are our pins from Romi.

Kate brought in her dog, Archie, with his knitted coat.

Along with her finished shawl made out of qiviut.

Then Amy came in with her mom and brother and here is the knitted hat with flaps that Amy knitted out of Naturally Tussock Worsted.

And in the meantime, Melody added inside lights to our shoppe.