Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to get to a yarn shoppe

The shoppe is located in Suttons Bay. For those of you who have never been here, Suttons Bay is a village. At least, I call it a village. I just looked up the definition of a village versus a town and I still cannot tell which is which. So I will call Suttons Bay a village, as I like the word.

Anyway, Suttons Bay is a village, located on the western side of the Grand Traverse Bay, in Leelanau County. You can access the shoppe by walking to it, driving to it, or as this lady did, by riding her bicycle to it.

She rode the TART trail from Traverse City with her husband. She is not the only one to do that. We had a mother and son come out the other day, the same way. Our summer weather has been so beautiful, that it only makes sense to visit us on your bicycle. Especially since we are only a couple of blocks from trail.

Remember the picture of one of our Susans knitting her first sock? Well, she finished the pair and they have since been mailed out to her daughter in Pennsylvania. I do like that colorway.

And our other Susan made these sheep up for the shoppe. She used a Fiber Trends pattern and Lamb's Pride. Aren't they cute?

Diane knitted a baby sweater and this hat out of Marble Chunky. I have to admit that I like this yarn, even though I thought we would never carry straight acrylic.