Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ready for a quickie?

Trendsetters has a new yarn out called Bodega.  It is knit into a tube and you work with the tube to make a ruffled scarf.

I learned how to use it by watching this.   

I suggest using the crochet hook as it holds onto the stitches.  I used one half of the skein and a size F crochet hook.  It took me about one half hour and the next time should be about 20 minutes to make the scarf. 

This is the 417 Fall Leaves colorway.

At present we have 418 Amazon Jungle, 415 Lipstick Kiss, and 413 Lilac Meadows in stock.  All of the other colors are on backorder.  I will warn you that if you think you are interested, you should get down here.  Two weeks ago we sold all of this yarn in a day and a half.

If you want to make a scarf, but do not have a lot of time - this is the answer.  You can also make one scarf for $13.50.  Not bad for a quickie.