Saturday, September 20, 2008

With Friends like These

I have Thanksgiving every day. Look what was waiting for me when I came in yesterday morning.

Jill knitted this out of Louet linen. And as with everything in life, there is more to the story. She was over 1/2 done and her kitty found it and ate it. Poor Jill had to take most of it out and regroup. You have to come in and see it in person. It looks like an article from a museum, as it is absolutely lovely.

Makes me glad I named the shoppe Thistledown. It has obviously given folks a reason to play around. See this: Melody had this made by Pat McKean. Pat has some wonderful buttons and pins at our store. And she also makes items like this.

Then my knitting group surprised me with this flag last year. Think it lets folks know what we have here? And underneath the flag is a lamb that Kathy Herman put together for the shoppe. See what I mean about having a continuous Thanksgiving?