Friday, February 22, 2008

Can you guess which one I knit?

Susan knit one and I knit one. And guess which one I knitted?

Yup, it is not the wonderful navy blue sweater made out of the Natural Wool 10 Ply from New Zeeland. The pattern is from the Simply Knit 2 book. But I did knit the Bronze Patina Lamb's Pride for the Alpine Boot. And I made the same mistake that I made when I knit the first foot. I short rowed wrong. And I even used markers this time, as Susan suggested the last time I made that silly mistake. Guess I can't watch movies and knit the bottom of this boot. But, in the meantime, Susan was knitting away on this wonderful sweater. And now I can wear the shoppe sample, so there is some justice in this world.