Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm not Superwoman

I know, this is a big surprise to you all. But I really can't do it all. I can't have the shoppe that is all, I can't be the greatest knitter, and I will never have everything I think I need. But I can figure out how to be happy with what I have. I have wonderful friends who have adopted me. The clan who help out at the shoppe. I have a great husband who doesn't get to see me very often. I have children who support their mother and help her out (see Slave Labor). And I have a knitting community. Every day we open, we meet new folks who are glad to see us. Folks from here and from far. I even meet people who are friends of my friends, which reminds me of what a small world we live in. I have Lost Art and Yarn Market and Yarn Quest and Knitting Bug. We all work together to better serve our customers and to exchange ideas.

In fact, today the clan is meeting together to talk and brainstorm and plan. We will address what the shoppe offers, what classes to have, future events, and anything else that comes to mind. And that is what we excel at - a group of people who work at giving you our best.

So, I may not be Superwoman. But what I am is a very fortunate person who loves what she is doing.