Friday, November 30, 2007

Power outages, shawl pins, and books

Remember I said that I was going to keep a log of how often the power went out? Well, two days after that it went out again for about 4 hours. Then on Tuesday ago, it went out at our house at 10 am and came back on at 7 pm. I was at my job in Leland, and we lost power around 12 noon and who knows when it came back on. At home, my husband built up a fire in the fireplace and took a nice long nap under the down comforter. At the office, we have a generator that kept part of the building going - the part that has the bathrooms and furnace. So guess where I stayed? I went through my piles of paperwork (it does need to be weeded out every now and then), but went home at 5 pm. My son and I picked up a friend and we went out for dinner at the Happy Hour. Which was nice. I stayed warm, had good company, and stayed happy. By the time we got home, the power was back on.

I tried to find a picture of what it looked like Tuesday and this is the closest I can come - a picture of Fishtown, in Leland, taken by our neighbor, Keith Burnam. Keith runs the Leland Report and if you have not visited his site - go there now. He has amazing pictures. He verifies my feelings that wherever you go in Leelanau County, you find beauty.

Just want to remind you that we have a Wish List and Gift Certificates. Come in, fill out a card, and list everything in the shoppe that you would like. We have the lavender products (soap, potpourri, lip balm, lotion, and spray) from Leelanau Lavender Breezes, funky jewelry, shawl pins, books, baskets, along with books, patterns, and yummy yarn. In fact, check out some of the shawl pins that just came in.

After you have finished filling out the Wish List card, send your family and friends in for gift giving ideas. Friday, December 14, from 5 pm until 8 pm is set aside for the men to come in for holiday shopping.

Below are several books that have just arrived at the shoppe. Interweave Press updated the Harmony Guides and they are worth having in your library. I had the chance to quickly skim one yesterday and not only do they show you different stitches, but they also intersperse the pages with quick tips. Come on in and check them out.

Another book we just received is Indigo Knits. Lots of sweaters, some throws, and other great knits using denim yarn.