Sunday, November 11, 2007

This is a quickie

This is Kathy's Baby Surprise Jacket made out of Lamb' s Pride Superwash.

This is Darcy and she is wearing the Ganomy. A very nice hat from Elizabeth Zimmermann' Knitter's Almanac. The yarn is Cascade's Autunno. Warm and soft.

Kathy is wearing a felted beret and scarf knitted out of ShiBui's Baby Alpaca DK. The beret pattern is from Ann Budd's Book of Patterns and the scarf is Jill's Choice. Also very soft and warm.

This is Carrie wearing her Mogul Moebius made out of Cascade Jewel Paints. I am coveting this. She can give it to me when she tires of it.

Okay, I have to go now.