Saturday, May 30, 2009

Keeping the Faith

Like everything else, owning a knit shoppe has its ups and downs. Real life intrudes and you have to pay the bills, do the bookwork, and sometimes deal with unpleasant events. But then, someone walks into the shoppe and you talk about your passion and you remember why you put in 8 days a week.

People like Patty who is churning out socks (this is Yarn Hollow's Sock Religious, Coffee Wave colorway)

or Carole who has started knitting again after many years.

For whatever reason, we love what we do. We play with colors, with textures, with the feel of good fiber. We challenge ourselves with a new technique. We go into a meditative state with garter stitch. And we meet others, who feel like we do.

Thanks, folks.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lady Darcy of Thistledown in residence

Every shoppe needs a dog. Or at least, that is what us dog lovers think. And we are fortunate to have a dog, every now and then.

If you are lucky and you stop by when Lady Darcy of Thistledown is in residence, this is what you will see.

She takes her responsibilities seriously.

After all, there may be something hiding in the ground cover that could prove detrimental to the yarn.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All you need is the wanting

About one week after Christmas, Shirley came into our shoppe. We had not met before and she announced that she had not knitted for about 30-40 years and she wanted to make five sweaters for Christmas and she wanted to start now. We introduced Shirley to Knit Pure and Simple and she started her sweaters. At this time, she has completed one sweater and has two more almost finished.

Kate is modeling the sweater for us. Shirley used Lamb's Pride Worsted and it is cosy. Makes me almost want some snow and a fireplace.

Laura knit this hat after our Lace Workshop with Amy.

This is the Picture Hat from the Gathering of Lace. Laura received this book as a give away and she promptly made good use of it. Her mother belongs to the Red Hat group and Laura knitted this for her. Amazing!

I told you we wouldn't lose Jill. She is making samples for our shoppe and this is her latest.

The top is knitted from Euroflax and the pattern is called Linen Top. Kate Coyle is also the author of the book Boho Baby Knits. A book we just happen to carry. Two skeins, easy knitting, and you are ready for summer.