Saturday, January 3, 2009

Click and knit

Yup, they are here. The Addi Clicks. There are 10 different tips, from US 4 to US 15 (no US 5, and don't ask me why), along with a 24", 32", and 40" cord. You place the cord into the tip, twist, and let go. It clicks into place and will never pop out.

If you don't want the case, put the needles and the rest of the kit into this -

the Denise Organizer.

We also ordered Loft Color from Skacel. This yarn was used in knitting the Inside Outside Scarf from Knitting Universe.

Then we have sock yarn that can be knit with US size 3 - Opal 6 ply and Trekking 6 fach.

Now, if I could just order some knitting time.