Saturday, May 31, 2008

Brown Sheep Trunk Show

What fun! Another trunk show. I like them as I can see a pattern come to life. I don't like them because I cannot knit fast enough to make everything.

Here are some of the items we have - modeled by my daughter (remember that slave labor I use?) Mary.

This is the Garter Stitch Cardigan knitted with Serendipity Tweed and Nature Spun Sport.

The Summer Breeze Pullover knitted with Serendipity Tweed. Betsy had also knitted this using two different colors of the Serendipity Tweed. Isn't it great that we can play around with the same yarn and pattern and come out with something different?

Here is the Saturday Morning Sweats knitted with Serendipity Tweed. It has a cute triangular detail up front, just like a sweatshirt. Make me want to put it on and just hang out.

And then how about the Serendipity Tweed Chanel Jacket? It is knitted with the Serendipity Tweed and Cotton Fleece. Great with jeans or dress it up. We did not have this pattern on hand, but it is on order and will be in within the next week. This is the Dropped Stitch Pullover knitted out of Serendipity Tweed.
The dropped stitch is used on the sleeves, raglan sleeves and for front definition. Cute design.

And here is the Seed Stitch Vest made out of some more Serendipity Tweed. The pattern is on order.

We also have some baby sweaters and socks. Stop by and look at the trunk show. Much better to see and feel in person, than by picture.