Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kauni Trunk Show

RYN Yarns, our distributor for Kauni yarns, sent us a trunk show. 

The Oakland Shawl

Beverly Cardigan

Brady Scarf

It looks much nicer in person.  We will have it until the end of May, so make sure you stop by to fondle.

Carry on

Okay, so I collect things.  And one of those things I collect and use are bags, totes, baskets.  Items to hold my knitting.  And Lantern Moon has a lot of what I like.

Rice baskets - the salt water reed is sustainably harvested, flattened by hand press, then dyed and woven by village artisans in the community center and in their homes

 Clam Shell Cases - three fit into one and zip up.  Great for notions.

Boca - twisted seagrass baskets with silk lining. Small and medium with drawstring closure.


Silk Taffeta bags - three different sizes.  I have a lady that uses them to gift wines.

Ibiza - diamond pattern palm leaf combined with natural palm inside to make a fresh summer tote. Rattan ring handles.

  Swing bucket - Roomy drawstring pouch with four outside pockets in limited edition prints.

Tilly - Folded and sewn palm leaf in perfect brights for Spring and Summer. Natural palm is woven in to create a rick rack effect. Wooden handles on this farmer's market tote.

Jewel - Taffeta silk tops the soft quilted charcoal box.

Sapa Messenger bag  

Palm Leaf Tote - braided palm leaf with wooden handle. Black cotton lining with magnetic snap. Inside zipper pocket.

Silk and velvet, I am a Victorian lady.

Maya Floral - small project bag in beautiful Vietnamese floral print silk.  Loop and shell button closure.