Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My new love affair

The longer I knit, the more I understand how the Yarn Harlot was named. I fall in love with Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride.  Then I fall in love with Opal sock yarn.  Then I fall in love with ShiBui Baby Alpaca.  And then Fiona started dyeing for us and I had a new love.  You get the idea.

My latest love is with Madelinetosh Vintage.  I love the feel.  I love the springness.  I love, love the colors.

I am knitting two items out of Madelinetosh Vintage.  One is the Chevron Baby Blanket and the other is the   Windschief.

The yarn feels good in my hands.  And the colors are wonderful.  I think I read somewhere that the dyer calls it semiglazed.  Whatever it is, it is lovely.  It makes my heart go pitty pat.   I want to stay up all night and knit and stay home all day and knit.