Friday, March 28, 2008

Fourth Coast Fibers

A long, long time ago, I met a very nice woman named Kathy. (Of course she is nice, look at her name!) Kathy and I became friends. Then I met another nice woman named Kathy (are you getting the gist that all Kathy's are nice?) The second nice Kathy works at City Knitting in Grand Rapids and we found out that we both knew the first nice Kathy. Then I received an email from the first Kathy and she said that she and the second Kathy now dye yarn and would I be interested. Of course. See what happens when Kathy's get together?

More yarn and new samples

We received a box from Mission Falls this morning. It had yarn to fill in the spots, plus their new book The Illustrator and their new cotton yarn in the colorway Vintage. Mmmmm. I love the Mission Falls cotton, it has great texture.

Then you have to see what Susan knitted with the unspun Icelandic. It is the Butterfly Wrap from Schoolhouse Press.

And then look at what Melody knitted for the shoppe - the
Hexacomb Cardigan from Interweave Knits Spring 2008. It is made with Pima Tencel, the softest yarn ever. This sweater makes me think of something from the 1920's.

Jill knitted up this baby cap and hat from Opal, using the Black Purl pattern Sock It to Me Baby.