Saturday, December 22, 2007

Lois' Felted Scarf

See the scarf Lois is wearing? She is my yarn representative for Brown Sheep. She brought in this wonderful scarf that she knitted and felted. She is knitting a new one. And here is the pattern.

Lois’s Felted Scarf

57” x 5” finished

US 10 ½

Lamb's Pride Worsted

CO 170 with 2 strands of yarn. (Make slip knot with about about 6" tail for both yarns)

Knit each row with one strand in garter stitch for about 8” – 9” wide.


Use Color grabber by Shout - will keep colors bright. Felt about 6 minutes and separate fringe. Felt another 5 minutes and then pull fringe again. Rinse, but no agitate. Put on Spin cycle.