Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

Yup.  I am sentimental.  I get goosebumps when Amazing Grace is played on the bagpipes.  I also like Judy Collins' version.  And I like a good marching band with drums.  I like parades and Leland has a great parade every 4th of July.

I have turned down opportunities to be in the parade because I like to watch the parade. This year my husband, Scotty, son, Ian, and Ian's dog, T-Bone, were in the parade.

 They were in a Dodge M 37 military powerwagon/weapons carrier from the Korean War era.

The Leland Marching Band.  They only get together for the parade.

A 51-52 Chevy.  This car has been in the parade ever since we have been watching the parade and I love the combination of colors.

My favorite bank, Northwestern.  Their folks are very helpful and friendly.

M-22 was packed with people.  People standing, people in chairs, family buffets set up.  It was a great day for a parade and a great day to celebrate our freedom.  Thank you to everyone who has given us this opportunity.