Saturday, July 5, 2008

New neighbors and old

We have new neighbors. Martha Ryan opened Martha's Leelanau Table Cafe. She started serving breakfast and lunch on Thursday, July 3. What we are hearing is the the food is good. Martha wanted to open over a month ago, so we are excited that they have finally opened.

Across the street is North Country Grill & Pub, owned by Barry Boone. Susan and I had their onion rings and North Country Burger today for lunch.

Jill had their Toasted Vegetable Panini. Mmmmm, good. I am a sucker for onion rings that were not frozen. These folks could spell trouble for me.

Anchor Cottage opened up several months ago. Cute items inside. I love their La Source by Crabtree and Evelyn.
Then our massage therapist put her sign up outside the building.

We got a new sign that says YARN. That seems to work better than just OPEN. This summer is proving to be busy for us.

4 Degrees of Seperation

This is a story about the connections we have in our world. Meet Vicki.

She is from Kalamazoo and came into the shoppe this morning. We started talking (I am very nosy and love to hear where folks are from, why they are in this county, and so forth). Vicki told me she is a beginning knitter and her involvement with knitting is more through her friends. Come to find out, she is friends with Rams, who is friends with the Yarn Harlot, who is friends with Megan of Lettuce Knit, who had Franklin at her store on WWKIP. You can see another picture of Vicki on The Panopticon blog. Go to his entry dated June 19, 2008 and you will see her in the 3rd series of group pictures, 3rd row and also further down with the group picture of the scarf. Needless to say, I read the Yarn Harlot and Franklin. So this was rather fun for me - having the connections through Vicki go back to folks whose blogs I enjoy reading.