Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Thank You

January 30, 2010

Dear Leelanau Community,

A deep, loud, resounding "THANK YOU!" goes out to all of the anonymous knitters who so generously donated boxes and bags full of handmade mittens, scarves, and hats to be donated to families with young children in our area. The "warmies" have been distributed to families via home visiting programs such as Parenting Communities and the Grand Traverse Band Early Headstart as well as through the Leelanau Baby Pantry and Laundry Project. Additional items were donated to local preschools to keep underdressed kids warm on the playground this winter.

Research tells us that outdoor play promotes the release of endorphins creating joyful sensations similar to those we experience when eating chocolate. Outdoor play helps children (and adults) relieve stress, better understand their relationship to the natural world, and has been proven to enhance environmental stewardship.

Thanks so much for creating these beautiful, functional works of art that will keep Leelanau families outside enjoying the sparkly snow and hills, promoting health for people of all ages.

Warm regards,

Angela Poneta Dedenbach

Parenting Communities Coordinator

On behalf of

Leelanau Families and Early Childhood Initiative