Tuesday, April 28, 2009


When you have a yarn shoppe, you get to open boxes of goodies. Here is what came in last week.

One box from Cascade and another from Classic Elite.

We have added the Alpaca Sox and Summer Sox yarns to the shoppe.

And then restocked our colors for the Cascade Ecological Wool.

The better to knit with, my dears.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lady Darcy of Thistledown

In our house we have 4 dogs and 4 cats. One of those cats and dogs are Scotty's and mine. We have 3 children. One is living with us right now. She is in between selling her house and buying a new one. She brought in 2 dogs and 1 cat. We have a son in college. He has his 1 dog with him and his 1 cat with us. We have another daughter in college and she has her 1 dog with us and her 1 cat with us. Got the picture?

This is Lady Darcy of Thistledown. She gets to come to the shoppe. Because we have the dogs, Darcy is their alpha female and she just loves to get them all together and go for walkabouts. At first she took them back into the woods, but lately she has started to discover M-22. We are not thrilled with any of the walkabouts and many has been the times that I have taken the van and gone out to find her and her partners in crime. So, as a preventative measure, I have started to bring her to the shoppe.

Darcy makes a great shoppe dog. She loves the attention and she will quickly lie on her back, giving you the opportunity to scratch her belly. She also loves to lie on the rug by the front door. They are both the same color, so she becomes one with the rug.

So, until our daughter buys a new house and moves out - Lady Darcy of Thistledown will be my partner at the shoppe.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

April showers bring spring flowers

I always loved that saying. I grew up on a dead - end street that had a woods at the end. And I loved to wander around, looking at all of the flowers that grew in there. Violets and Jack in the Boxes are the ones I remember, although there were others.

We have a raised bed in front of our house and this is what grows in there during this time of year.

These pictures were taken over a week ago. I love these little flowers.

Not sure what they are called, I call them star flowers, they are delicate and I like their color.

There are other small flowers in there, but since I planted them about ten years ago, I have forgotten what they are.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Knitting by the Bay

Here is the group. Actually, this is part of the group. We lost some and these are the ones who stayed until the bitter end.

Good bye until next year.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Knitting by the Bay

Knitting by the Bay 2009

Nancy showed off her Mananita.

Amy came back to see us again. She taught us how to knit the Pansy Shawl and the Beginner's Shawl.

Nancy also showed us the shawl she made for her daughter's wedding.

It was gorgeous.
Amy's sweater that she talked Susan into adding the sleeves.

We spent a lot of time of knitting and tearing out.

But we learned a lot, ate good food, and made new friends.

The Beginner's Shawl.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Well, in case you haven't figured it out yet, I love handknitted socks! I find it very hard to turn down more sock yarn for the shoppe. There are so many great fibers out there to knit into socks. Under hand dyed we have Yarn Hollow's Sock Religious and Panda Cotton, ShiBui's sock yarn, Fourth Coast Fibers sock yarn, Farmhouse Yarn Bo Peep Sock and Fannie's Fingering, Schaefer's Anne, and Mountain Colors Bearfoot. Other sock yarns include Louet Gems fingering, Opal cotton, 6-ply and what I call their regular sock yarn. Also Skacel's Trekking XXL in 6-ply and fingering, Austermann Step, Fortissima, Trekking ProNatura. And don't forget South West Trading Company's Tofutsies. Then we will be adding Misti Alpaca sock yarn, Classic Elite Yarns Alpaca Sox, Summer Sox, and TY-Dy socks. Whew! See what I mean. And I don't carry every sock yarn out there.

Plus I enjoy seeing what you folks have done with the yarn you bought from us. Sue sent me this picture. She bought these from us last summer and finished them up just recently.

Who would have guessed that they would have looked like this? Thanks, Sue, for sending the picture to us.