Friday, March 28, 2008

Fourth Coast Fibers

A long, long time ago, I met a very nice woman named Kathy. (Of course she is nice, look at her name!) Kathy and I became friends. Then I met another nice woman named Kathy (are you getting the gist that all Kathy's are nice?) The second nice Kathy works at City Knitting in Grand Rapids and we found out that we both knew the first nice Kathy. Then I received an email from the first Kathy and she said that she and the second Kathy now dye yarn and would I be interested. Of course. See what happens when Kathy's get together?

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AllyB said...

Wow, I was cruising your blog in anticipation of stopping by your shop next week while in TC and what a nice surprise to see my friend (the 2nd nice Kathy) on your blog. She is very nice. I miss seeing her at City Knitting. See you next week!