Thursday, December 15, 2011


I know, I have said it before.  I am going to knit this or that and I never do.  Well, this time, I really do plan on knitting the Takoma.

Takoma picture from Knitty

I have picked out my colors

and I have kinda swatched

when I started to knit a turtleknit pullover out of the Eco.  But it never felt right and I frogged it.  Then the Takoma came along and I was intrigued.  Jill pushed me and I joined the Takoma Kal.

I am going to steek it as I really do not enjoy purling and this sweater would be almost half purling if you did not steek it.  Susan says that she thinks adding nine stitches should work for the steeking, so that is what I plan on doing.  Another knitter mentioned Eunny's article on steeking, so I will need to reread that.  It has been a while since she first put it out on the internet.

Joining a KAL makes it less lonely, and you get to read about others making mistakes and that always makes me feel better, 'cause I tend to make mistakes when I knit.  So learning about others' mistakes will hopefully make me less likely to make mistakes, or at least I am counting that it will make it less likely. 

I will be using cascade Eco in the colors of red 8450, evergreen 8462, creme 8010, and periwinkle 6902.  The pattern only calls for three colors but I am throwing the periwinkle in there in the spirit of this sweater.

If you want to join us, let me know.

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